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The Perfect Insurance Agent Elevator Pitch in 4 Steps

Let’s face facts: to the average person, insurance is not exciting or interesting. Adding insult to injury, I’d be willing to bet that most folks think insurance is a necessary evil and are not thrilled about paying premiums. Writing new business in an overcrowded marketplace is tough enough already, so …

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6 Reasons You’d Get Turned Down For Life Insurance

The most common reason that people get declined for life insurance coverage is because they have a specific health condition, but it isn’t the only reason. I’d like to cover the top ones and let you know what your options might be. 1. You have a specific health condition. For example, someone who …

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25 Welcome Kit Ideas For New Insurance Customers

Selling insurance is hard. Really hard! In fact, making a sale is so hard that agents often forget the most important part of building a successful insurance agency: Developing a ROCK-SOLID relationship with every client. There’s no better time forge that relationship and boost the lifespan of your clients than …

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