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Download Free Smadav 2017 Antivirus .exe

Smadav Antivirus 2017 is now available for download smadav Is One Of The Best Antivirus for all  Windows PC users, you can download the free latest Smadav 2017 antivirus .exe file right here let me give you brief information about smadav Weill it is an antivirus that is designed as additional …

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Xposed Module Repository | Dualgenius

Xposed Module Repository | dualgenius dualgenius is a tool that you can open your app (eg: weixin, whatsapp)in the same phone with two accouts. MD5 checksum:  58dc9d9f37c2d4e9f8037d48212a18da Author(s):  dualgenuis Support/Discussion URL:  http://dualgenius.com Package:  com.duo.dualgenuis Version name:  1.5 Release type:  Stable (low risk of bugs) Download:  com.dual.dualgenius_v6_58dc9d.apk (3.69 MB)

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Psiphon 115 exe For PC download

You can use psiphon 155 (pc app) to access a website or web page that prevent your from accessing it because of your current location or country e.g YouTube videos!Psiphon is a VPN tool designed to surf anonymously by millions of Internet users in several countries where freedom of expression …

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Is It True That IPhone 7plus Is Exploding ? Find Out !

WTD !! IPhone 7 now blowing up, In a post on Reddit, along with a few photos, a man claims to have an iPhone 7 Plus exploded. But especially to have received in this mess.  He said the smartphone would not explode during use. The incident intervened during its delivery . At first, the story is plausible (a …

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Price Of Nigeria Facebook ExpressWifi Data Plans

Is no longer news that facebook is working on ExpressWifi in Lagos well  Facebook ExpressWifi is a new program that lets phone owners purchase Cheap data from local internet service providers. With Express Wifi coverage, you’ll be able to browse the sites on Free basics for free, but if you want …

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