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How To Bypass Etisalat 60mb Daily Limit On Psiphon, Anonytun vpn, Stark vpn & Tweakware

It’s time to show you how to bypass Etisalat 60mb daily limit psiphon, anonytun vpn, stark VPN, tweakware, xp psiphon free browsing 2017, many people don’t like the etisalat daily 60 daily limit free browsing, because it’s too small to use you can’t download large files in order to enjoy the 60mb for that day, unlike glo unlimited free browsing on tweakware, uc mini handle etc.

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Today am going to show you how to bypass Etisalat 60mb daily limit. Let’s get started!

First set your phone APN below

Apn Name: Jboytech etisalat N0
APN: etisalat
Skip the rest and save.
NOTE : You can use your default APN settings or use the configure above

How to bypass etisalat 60mb daily limit

How To Configure The Etisalat With Psiphon Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak

Download Psiphon VPN app
Launch the app and configure it as shown below
Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server: http://ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openModal
Skip the rest and click on save at the bottom.
➡ On the next screen, click on the option tab.
➡ select UNITED STATES as your region
➡ Click on MORE OPTIONS.
➡ Untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy.
After that, just go back and let it connect.

That’s it guys, So now I will show you how to bypass the 60mb daily bandwidth limit.

Now To Bypass The 60MB Daily Limit on psiphon or xp psiphon what you are going to do is :
➡ Once you reach the 60mb daily limit, clear your Psiphon, anonytun VPN, stark VPN, or your tweakware data and cache (via your data usage), then replace proxy sever with any of the servers below;

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#close


Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#closemodal


Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#open


Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openmodal

Real proxy type: Inject
Real proxy port: 3128

Now you have finally bypassed bypass Etisalat 60mb daily psiphon, anonytun VPN, stark VPN, xp psiphon free browsing 2017.

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