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Latest Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat Free Airtime 2017

Latest mtn, glo, airtel and etisalat free airtime 2017, a lot of apps and website offers free airtime in all serious network e.g mtn glo etisalat Airtel etc and example of an apps that offer you free airtime are; Sliide airtime, Myads etc there are other free airtime 2017 apps but those I mentioned are the once I know about.!

Example of website that offer you free airtime are; MyLuckyZone, Raadaa.com, this article is how about raadaa and how you can get free airtime from them, which you can recharge straight to your mtn, glo, airtel or your etisalat sim.


Raadaa.Com is a platform for individuals, authors and organizations – including publishing houses to publish, share and monetize both small and large contents, books, articles, research papers, magazines, blog and newspaper content. The company’s mission is to accelerate access to research, information and knowledge sharing all over the world by giving authors the power to instantly earn money from their works by monetizing it on our platform and allowing everyone to read for free. On Raadaa.com, authors can monitor the consumption of their content and the discussions raised, as well as view their impact, based on the ratings and reviews they get. They can also share with fellow authors and participate in peer reviews.

Asides these, the biggest advantage to authors on this platform is the fact that they can instanltly monetize and earn monthly revenue on their content.

Now that we have an I what raadaa is all about let me explain how you can get unlimited free airtime from them (2017)


Firstly, visit Raadaa by (Clicking Here).
Then sign up and a verification mail will be sent to your email, just go to your email and tap on the link to verify.
After that, login your Raadaa account and Tap on BECOME AN AGENT to open where you will get your referrals link.
Now copy the referrals link and share to friends and families on social medias to earn money. Each member who used your link to register and verify his or her email address, YOU will be given #200 free airtime! Keep referring people to accumulate the airtime.

Here are Screen shots of raadaa free airtime.
Raadaa free airtime

Summary : 

  • Register on raadaa.com
  • Verify your e-mail address.
  • Refer people to register with your link and earn #200 free airtime. Good luck.

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