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Latest Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat Free Browsing May 2017

Here are the latest mtn, Glo, Etisalat & airtel free browsing cheat may 2017. Welcome to may 2017 guys, am going to show you the latest cheat guy’s have been using this month may (2017) so far!!

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Let’s begin with glo free browsing cheat for this month may 2017.

Latest Glo free browsing cheat may 2017.
The available glo free browsing for this month is an unlimited (free browsing) kind. Meaning you can download, play online games, stream music online, stream videos online etc unlimitedly without limit.

Here is what is need for this glo free browsing may 2017… Well many of you must have known this cheat for long time now but hmm….. The cheat still rocks ! We are using very popular VPN for the free browsing which are; either stark VPN, or tweakware VPN.

How to setup stark VPN (v3.7) or Tweakware VPN (v6.2) for glo free browsing may 2017
First download any of the app from playstore or download the apk from here (stark VPN v3.7 download here) Also download (Tweakware v6.2 from here)

After downloading any of the apps kindly open any of them and click on where the arrow is

And select glo 0.0k via tweakware VPN after that select any of the free tweakware server and connect.
Tho the free server are limited to 350mb per day oooo but the good news is that tweakware have up to 30 free server and each free servers are limited to 350mb so 350mb × 30 server = ??

But you can upgrade your account to a premium one see details here! 

Same procedure apply for stark VPN BUT one most important thing about stark VPN is that you don’t need to upgrade to a premium account unlike tweakware, all the servers are totally free and also it doesn’t have data limit too. Now let’s move to etisalat free browsing cheat for may 2017

Latest Etisalat free browsing cheat may 2017 
I don’t meed to talk much about etisalat free browsing cheat because the previous apps we used for glo free browsing also works for etisalat free browsing cheat!!

But hmm…. The Etisalat free browsing may 2017 is not unlimited unlike glo, is it limited to 60mb per day (good news check out how to bypass the the etisalat 60mb daily limit here).

So get the need VPN apps we used for glo free browsing stark VPN OR Tweakware VPN. And follow same procedure.

Latest mtn free browsing cheat may 2017.
The only mtn available cheat is how to double any data you buy from mtn e.g you can get 2gb for just #500. Sound cool right?

If you an active member of this blog (jboytech.com) then you might remember this article I posted some time ago #how to be eligible for mtn double data offer. You should check the article out because you are going to need it for this mtn free browsing cheat may 2017.

Let’s assume you have gone to that article above! Here is how you can get 2gb for #500 on your mtn sim.

After tweaking your imei, migrate to mtn ipuse by dialing *406*1# after successful migration dial *406# again and select 1gb for #500. Boooom you will get 2gb data instead of 1gb which will valid for one week, you can extend the validity date buy buying any other data plans from mtn.
Don’t forget that your data was doubled because you tweaked your imei.

Latest Airtel free browsing may 2017.
You and I know that not all free browsing are totally free for this airtel free browsing cheat may 2017. you will have to sacrifice a little money for this cheat, it’s a new plan released by airtel just for steaming YouTube videos, but I will show you how you can make it work for all apps on your phone.

Firstly Dial *141*4#
To subscribe, it’s ₦100/200MB for 7days and ₦200/500MB for 30days.

You can subscribe to anyone of your choice.

After subscribing, come back and download psiphon handler here

After downloading, launch and configure it as shown below:

Tick remove port
Custom header: X-online-host
Proxy server: m.youtube.com
Real proxy type: Default
Real proxy server: leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80

Click the SAVE button. Click on Options and select United states as your region. Next, tap on More Options and untick every boxes that is ticked and then, go back to psiphon home screen and tap on Start. It will connect within 5 seconds. That’s all. If you find it hard, comment below and I will give you personal help.


That’s it this are the working free browsing cheat for this month may 2017 so far stay connected to get any other latest cheat that is coming up!

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